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Dining Room Tables

Even when not in use, there is no denying that the dining table is the main focus of your dining room. Whether it be solid oak, glass or have a painted finish, your dining table should always attract the most attention.

Here at The Plasma Centre, we have a wide variety of dining tables in a number of high quality finishes, so no matter what you are looking for, you can find it here!

We also offer an array of different sizes and shapes such as oval, rectangular and circular. With such a large choice of any shapes, there is a table to fit any room no matter the shape or size. So even if your dining room is slightly smaller, you can still enjoy the benefits of a full sized dining table.

Our dining tables come from the industry leading suppliers such as Baumhaus, Core Products, Jual and Julian Bowen so that you are always guaranteed the highest quality product.

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